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Welcome to Denvercool.com! With decades of photography experience we decided to offer some of our favorite images for sale to the world.

We started by focusing on birds and have create several products for bird lovers.

 Meet the Team:

 My wife, Monique, is a photographer in her own right with a her own studio, Silver Paw Studio.  You may want to look her up if you want photos of your family and pets. I digress.  Monique is my chief adviser and sounding board on this adventure and I expect that, over time, she will have a few photos on this site also.

 My daughter, Lizzie, is behind all the pretty Instagram content and the master of social media. Check the Reels she has created over on the Instagram account.  

 I'm Steve and you can find out more about me in the previous blog post here.

 From prints (coming soon) to products like cups, notebooks, and even blankets. And we are expanding beyond birds to other nature and wildlife images. (Some other content is already sneaking in.)

 A few words about the name of this company.  As noted in my last blog, DenverCool.com is a domain name that I picked up sometime during the dot com days. After my divorce I set up the DenverCool website to sell my daughters and my prints and to hold our portfolios. I did actually live in Denver at the time.  My daughter has since moved on to other interests and college. I too moved on, though I kept the website up largely ignored several years and kept taking photographs.  Today, I still live in Colorado but moved just north of Denver to Loveland and the website has been modified, updated, and refocused to present a more professional face to the online community.  I plan to keep it as Denvercool.com sounds kind of cool and I already have the business paper work filled out, taxes paid and an existent history. 

 We are in our fledgling stage of the blog (bird pun intended) but have a few broad categories of things that I want to blog about within the realm of photography.

  • What is currently on my website
  • What is coming up on my website
  • Photography in general
  • Journaling my photography and photographic business experiences

 Come along on this journey of photography through this blog and take home a piece of beautiful photography too.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this and keep coming back to get the latest news.


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